Collective agreement

The General Collective Agreement for Work in the Textile and Clothing Industry (code n. 99004975011981) is a sectorial labour agreement at a national level which regulates working relationships in the following subsectors:
  • Regenerated fibers - annex I
  • The obtaining of cotton fibers and subproducts exploitaiton - annex II
  • Textile industry of cotton process - annex III
  • Industry of knitwear and hosiery - annex IV
  • Textile industry of wool process - annex V
  • Auxiliary industries of the textile sector - annex VI
  • Textile industry of diverse fibers - annex VII
  • Silk industry - annex VIII
  • Clothing industry annex IX
  • Industry of the production of rugs, tapestry and carpets - annex X

The CIE, its members and integrated associations are representative agents in the collective negotiations of the Agreement as well as 5 of the 10 annexes, which are III cotton, V wool, VI auxiliary industries, VIII silk and X rugs, tapestry and carpets.

Additionally, the CIE is in charge of the Office for the Joint Commission of the Agreement, dealing with matters related to enterprises' queries and the interpretation of the text of the agreement.