Barcelona hosts the international meeting of Ginetex

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31 March, 2017
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Barcelona hosts the international meeting of Ginetex

Barcelona, ​​May 22, 2017.- The Spanish Intertextil Council, representative and sole member in Spain of GINETEX, was the ambassador of the meeting. The Spanish employers expect that very soon companies will join the Clevercare initiative powered by GINETEX. The Consell d’Empresa, Jordi Baiget inaugurated the event and stressed the importance of promoting the symbols of textile care to consumers to maintain global sustainability

The International Association for the Labeling of Textile Conservation, GINETEX chose Barcelonapara to celebrate last weekend the meeting of its committee that meets twice a year to its 22 member countries. The members are the main European countries, in addition to Brazil and Japan. The Spanish Intertextile Council (CIE), Spanish representative of this international organization, was the ambassador of a meeting that was attended by the Consell d’Empresa i Coneixement de la Generalitat, Jordi Baiget.

At the meeting in Barcelona, ​​the technical committee and the legal committee of the entity and its Board of Directors were held. GINETEX, in charge of managing the international application system based on conservation symbols, is also the driving force behind the Clevercare initiative, which aims at responsible care of clothing for a more sustainable planet. GINETEX and its member countries are expected to publish the results of the European Barometer for Conservation Labeling

The Consell Jordi Baiget highlighted the potential of the textile industry as the importance of conservation labeling which, although voluntary, is an essential tool to connect manufacturers with increasingly demanding consumers.

The Spanish Intertextile Council, a national member to promote and support the use of symbols in the Spanish textile and clothing market byGETEXEX, was proud to welcome the association in Barcelona because according to its Secretary General, Marta Castells, “it demonstrates the interest of the organization in Involve more actively the Spanish companies in the different organized initiatives, “and added,” we hope that very few Spanish companies will join the initiative of Clevercare and we can see in their labels the distinctive symbol, as they are Already doing other international companies “.


GINETEX, the International Association for Textile Conservation Labeling, was founded in Paris in 1963 following several international symposiums on Textile Conservation Labeling in late 1959. GINETEX has devised an international labeling system for symbol-based textile products. The pictograms used are trademarks registered in most countries and are owned by GINETEX. The Conservation Labeling System offers consumers and textile companies the correct information for the treatment of textile products. The processes indicated by the symbols are intended to avoid any irreversible damage to the product.

GINETEX has 22 members, all of them national organizations. These organizations, one per country, represent the textile and retail industries and other agents interested in the care of textiles.

About the Intertextil Spanish Council

Currently the Spanish Intertextile Council is made up of five members: the Federation of Textile Industry Lanera (FITEXLAN), the Textile Industrial Association of Cotton Process (AITPA), the Textile Sedera Federation (FTS) and the National Federation of Finishers, Stampers and Dyers Textiles (FNAETT) – grouped in the Confederation of the Textile Industry (Texfor) -; And the Association of Textile Entrepreneurs of the Valencian Community (Ateval). With an integrating will, the CIE keeps the doors open to the different business associations that make up the textile industry and the clothing sector. In this sense, it invites them to join the project of the most important business organization of fashion in Spain to continue contributing in the defense of the interests of the textile industry as a whole, as the CIE has done since its founding in 1979.

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