The Spanish Intertextile Council supports a Practical Labeling Guide
10 January, 2017
The Spanish Intertextile Council holds an extraordinary Executive Committee in Ontinyent
31 March, 2017

February, 2nd 2017 – I am fascinated to listen and read to the gurus who approach the textile sector as if they were raining from the sky, touched with the wisdom of the last master’s degree of great university, and they insist on applying the recipes of other activities, they have been effective Or not, as wanting to push centenarian companies to adopt modern management because, according to many of them, they are playing their future. They seem to think that we are facing an old sector needing help to adapt its outdated management tools to changes in our environment.

I am also fascinated by the rapprochement with some superiority of some experts in online commerce willing to teach the way to the promised land to those who have a successful past, as if to enter the new sales channels the experience will not count.

And every time I meet that kind of consultant, consultant, spiritual guide or whatever, I remember a couple I met in a textile colony in Gironella and I can not help but smile. I come to mind a company with a hundred and twenty years of history, directed with care by several generations of the same family, that has overcome all the crises that fit in century and peak, and I suppose are a few, including wars. In addition, they have applied recipes that are still valid, with a business strategy that translates into words that are falling into disuse as illusion, tenacity, work, experience, common sense, business knowledge, maximum respect for workers and some The more they should not score in the sneaky financial reports that are handled there.

It is enough to take a tour of his factory, a black textile colony, and especially for a small museum that the couple, long retired, takes care of the same care as in his day took care of a company that today run their children. One of the best moments in the quarter of a century that I took in these textile endeavors was undoubtedly to visit that jewel in Gironella accompanied by treasure keepers, listen to their passionate explanations and understand that the emotion to be created is the key to achieve A lasting success. Feeling that, over the years, the elders who triumphed leave their legacy proud and there are new generations of entrepreneurs who take the glove and are able to fly the ship with renewed energy.

That, dear analysts, consultants and the like, is a master on this business. When you want the recipe for the magic potion, do not immerse yourself in financial projections. Go to Gironella and let yourself go.

Manuel Díaz de Marcos – President of the Intertextil Spanish Council