The Spanish Intertextile Councile has been nominated as a member of Ginetex.

Manuel Díaz is the new President of Spanish Intertextile Council (CIE)
19 July, 2016
Presentation of the strategic agenda for innovation and development in Europe.
2 December, 2016

The Spanish Intertextile Councile has been nominated as a member of Ginetex.

Barcelona, ​​November 1, 2016-The International Association for the Conservation Labelling GINETEX has chosen the Spanish Intertextile Council (CIE) to represent and ensure in Spain promoting labeling system of conservation symbols.

“The Spanish Intertextile Council (CIE) is very proud to have been appointed by the GINETEX association to promote and support the use of symbols in the textile market and the Spanish clothing. We will take all necessary measures to fulfill the objectives set by GINETEX in order to ensure proper use of the symbols of textile care for all, “says Manuel Diaz, President of the Spanish Intertextile Council.

Meanwhile, the outgoing President of GINETEX, Thomas Rasch, adds: “We are delighted and proud to have the Spanish Intertextile Council (CIE) among our members today. Although it is already GINETEX particularly active in Spain since 1989, ICN represent the interests of our international association to promote textile care symbols consumers and companies in the Spanish textile market. ”

The official appointment of the CIE as the new European member highlights GINETEX still moreThe importance to systematize and regularize InternacionalISO standard 3758: 2012 – “Textiles – code for labeling and conservation by symbols”.

In the last General Assembly GINETEX, held on October 25 in Brno (Switzerland), the change of presidency of this organization was formalized. Adam Mansell, CEO of the UK Fashion & Textile Association will replace Thomas Rasch, the German Fashion entity, as President of GINETEX.


GINETEX the International Association for Textile Labelling Conservation, was founded in Paris in 1963tras several international symposia on the Labelling of Textile Conservation at the end of 1959. GINETEX has developed an international labeling system for textiles based on symbols. The pictograms used are registered in most countries and are owned by GINETEX brands. The conservation labeling system gives consumers and textile companies the correct information for the treatment of textiles. The processes indicated by the symbols are designed to avoid any irreversible damage to the product.

GINETEX has 22 members, all national organizations. These organizations, one per country, representing textile and selling retail products and others interested in the care agents textiles industries.